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A seemingly simple board, there are indeed many possibilities to help your baby open mind to discover new ways of playing
It is a universal artifact for mothers, babies and pets! Regardless of age and gender, there is always a way for your baby to have fun
Babies from pre-toddler can feel the swing with the help of parents. Babies 2-3 years old can balance the seesaw to practice body balance.
Can it be a balance board, a yoga prop, a rocker, an arch bridge, a step board, a racing track, a rocking chair, a football shot, a small table, a pet's arch, the moon?

Child Balance Toy Wooden Seesaw

    • Material: Wood
    • Warning: none
    • Dimensions: 90*30*1.5cm
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Sports: Gymnastics
    • Age Range: 2-4 Years
    • Function: Grasping/Movement Ability Developing
    • Type: Wooden seesaw
    • Material: Environmentally friendly pine wood
    • Product bearing: 100kg
    • Color: wood color